Excessive Undergraduate Hours

In accordance with Texas Education Code 54.068 as amended undergraduate students who enrolled for the first time in fall 1999 through summer 2006 and who have attempted 45 or more hours beyond the number of semester credit hours required for the degree while classified a resident for tuition purposes may be charged additional tuition, up to the level of out-of-state tuition. Students who enrolled for the first time in fall 2006 or later are subject to a 30 semester hour limitation*. This includes attempted hours in which a student was registered as of the official census date, including, but not limited to, courses that have been repeated, failed, and courses from which the student withdrew.

Hours not included in the attempted hours include (1) hours earned by the student before receiving a bachelor’s degree that has been previously awarded to the student; (2) hours earned through examination or similar method without registering for a course; (3) hours from remedial or developmental courses if the hours are within the 18 plus 9 semester credit hours in ESOL hour limit; (4) workforce education courses or other courses that would not generate academic credit that could be applied to a degree at the institution; (5) hours earned at a private institution or out-of-state institution; (6) hours not eligible for formula funding; and (7) effective fall 2009, hours earned by a student before graduating from high school and used to satisfy high school graduation requirements and (8) 15 semester credit hours not otherwise exempt earned toward a degree program by a student who: (a) has reenrolled at CTC following a break in enrollment from CTC or another institution of higher education covering at least the 24-month period preceding the first class day of the initial semester or other academic term of student’s reenrollment, and (b) successfully completed at least 50 semester credit hours of course work at an institution of higher education that are not exempt in items (1) through (7) above before the break in enrollment.

*The threshold number of semester credit hours will change from 30 semester credit hours to 15 hours for a student enrolled in an associate degree program beginning September 1, 2023.

Note: An undergraduate student who is not enrolled in a degree program is considered to be enrolled in a degree program or programs requiring a minimum of 120 semester credit hours.