Grading Policy

Grading System

The grading system at Central Texas College is as follows:

Grades Grade Points
A Superior 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Passing, but Unsatisfactory 1
F Failure 0
IP Incomplete, in progress
(except developmental)
Not Computed
N No Credit Not Computed
P Completed Not Computed
W Withdrawal Not Computed

Grade Designations

“D” - Passing but Unsatisfactory

Students receiving a “D” grade in prerequisite courses are advised not to enroll in succeeding courses until they complete prerequisite coursework with at least a “C” grade. A “D” grade will not be acceptable toward graduation for any course in the major in the Associate of Arts, Science, Applied Science degree, or certificate programs.

“F” - Failure

Failure may be awarded for lack of academic progress (F) or failure to complete remaining course requirements (F). “F” grades may not be overridden with “W” or “IP” grades. If you elect to repeat a course for which you have received an “F,” you must re-register, pay full tuition and fees, and repeat the entire course.

“IP” - Incomplete, Course in Progress (for non-developmental courses)

An “IP” grade may be assigned by an instructor if a student has made satisfactory progress in a course with the exception of a major quiz, final exam, or other project. The “IP” grade may also be assigned for extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control such as personal illness, death in the immediate family, military orders, or in the case of distance learning courses, institutional technology failures and mail delays. Notice of absences with supporting documentation may be required by the instructor. The instructor makes the final decision concerning the granting of the incomplete grade. The instructor may set a deadline for completing the remaining course requirements. In no case will the deadline exceed 110 days after the scheduled end of the course. An “IP” grade cannot be replaced by the grade of “W.” If a student elects to repeat the course, the student must register, pay full tuition and fees and repeat the entire course.

At the end of the 110 calendar days, any unresolved “IP” will be system-converted to an “Fl” and appear as an “F” on the student’s official transcript. Only in the most extenuating circumstances will extensions be granted beyond the 110 days. If an extension is granted beyond the 110 days, the system-generated “F” grade remains on the student’s official transcript until such time the student completes the remaining requirements. The reason for the extension must be approved by the instructor, Campus Dean, Deputy Chancellor, and Chancellor of Central Texas College.

The IP grade replaced the I (Incomplete) grade in Summer 2001. In calculating the grade point average for graduation or other purposes, the “I” grade was calculated as an F.

The IP grade is not used for developmental study courses and designated nontraditional, modular courses.

“N”- No Credit

The grade of “N” is reserved for use with noncredit courses such as continuing education and military contract courses. The “N” grade is assigned to students who did not successfully complete the course. Re-enrollment requires the payment of usual tuition and fees for the course.

“P”- Completed

The grade of “P” is reserved primarily for use with noncredit courses such as continuing education and military contract courses. The “P” grade is assigned to students who successfully completed the course. In some developmental courses, the “P” grade may be assigned. When used with credit-granting courses, earned hours will be displayed on the transcript. Quality points and grade point calculation are not computed.

“W”- Withdrawal

Students who officially withdraw will receive the grade of “W,” provided attendance and academic performance are satisfactory at the time of official withdrawal. Students must file a withdrawal application with CTC before they may be considered for withdrawal. The withdrawal request must be received by the official last date to withdraw.

Grade Point Averaging (GPA)

Students are responsible for knowing their grade point average and when their grade point average affects their academic standing. Grades and unofficial transcripts are available online through Self Service.

Calculating Grade Point Average

Course Grade Grade Points Credit Hours Calculation
BUSI 1301 A 4 3 4 x 3 = 12
ENGL 1301 B 3 3 3 x 3 = 9
ITSC 1415 C 2 4 2 x 4 = 8
CJLE 1211 D 1 2 1 x 2 = 2
12 crs. 31 gp.
31/12 = 2.583 GPA

Multiply the number of grade points for each grade by the number of credit hours for the course. Add the totals. Divide the total grade points by the number of hours attempted. Grades of IP, W, N or P and grades in developmental courses (A, B, C) are not included in the grade point averaging.

Note: The CTC Financial Assistance webpages include a GPA calculator that students can use to calculate their grade point average.

Change of Grades

Students who believe that a computational error occurred in grading should immediately contact the instructor of the course in question. Students must bring this matter to the attention of the instructor involved no later than 180 days after the end of the course in order for a grade change to be considered. Administrative personnel of Central Texas College are not authorized to change an instructor’s grade.

Grades and Financial Assistance/Tuition Assistance/Veterans Education Benefits

Special conditions may apply to students enrolled in courses paid through the military tuition assistance program; financial aid, scholarships, and VA benefits; or other third-party contractual agreements due to agency requirements. Students should contact the appropriate agency for specific requirements and possible obligations, particularly for grades of “F,’ “IP” or withdrawals “W.”

Repeating a Course

The total hours earned toward a certificate/degree are not increased if you repeat a course in which a passing grade has already been earned. When you repeat a course, both grades remain on the transcript but only the highest grade earned is used in computing your CTC GPA. A CTC grade can only be replaced by repeating the same course at CTC. Other colleges may compute the GPA in a manner different from Central Texas College.