General Admission Eligibility Requirements for All Students in Credit Programs

An individual who has graduated from a high school to include an accredited public or private school; who has successfully completed a nontraditional secondary education program in a recognized nonaccredited private school setting to include a home school; or who has earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or High School Equivalency certificate will be admitted to Central Texas College. All individuals will be required to follow the regular admission process.

Adults, veterans, and active duty military 18 years or older who have not completed a recognized high school program may be admitted on an “Individual Approval” basis if the individual can demonstrate the ability to benefit from instruction. Refer to “Individual Approval” in the Admission Procedures section of the catalog.

Early admissions offers eligible high school students the opportunity to earn college credits while enrolled in high school. Refer to the Early Admissions/Dual Credit Programs for High School Students section in this catalog.

NOTE Central Texas College assumes no responsibility for loss of Interscholastic League eligibility of high school students enrolled in the early admissions program. Credits earned before high school graduation may not transfer to some colleges.

To be eligible for federal financial aid, the U.S. Department of Education requires that an individual have a recognized high school diploma or equivalent. Certain conditions apply to non-high school graduates who completed one of the ability-to-benefit (ATB) alternatives and first enrolled in an eligible college program prior to July 1, 2012. Contact the CTC Office of Student Financial Assistance at (254) 526-1508 for further details.