In-District and Out-of-District Students

Once you are classified as a Texas resident, you are either an in-district or an out-of-district student. You are considered an in-district student if you physically reside within the geographical boundaries of the Central Texas College District (CTCD). The college district is in the Killeen and Copperas Cove Independent School Districts. Property owners and their dependents living outside the CTCD tax district who paid ad valorem taxes to CTC are eligible for in-district tuition. A current property tax statement and completion of the CTC Ad Valorem statement are required for verification.

To establish in-district residency, you may be required to present one or more of the documents listed in the “Documenting Residence in Texas” section of this catalog. The documentation must show an in-district address for six months prior to enrollment. A post office box address is not acceptable for verification of in-district residency.

An out-of-district student is a Texas resident who does not physically reside within the geographic boundaries of the college’s district. If you are an out-of-district student, you pay the out-of-district tuition rate unless eligible to receive a waiver based upon state statutes or college policies. Residency in the Central Texas College Residence Hall does not exempt a student from the out-of-district fee.

NOTE A student initially classified out-of-district may petition for reclassification by providing the CTC Admissions Office located at the Central Campus in Killeen, Texas, with supporting documentation.