Installment Payment Plan

CTC accepts installment payments from Texas-based students for fall, spring, and summer classes 10+ weeks in length.

  • One half of tuition and fees plus the installment plan fee must be paid at the time of registration and before the start of the semester.
  • A promissory note must be executed for the remaining balance to be paid with equal payments on due dates established for the semester and class length.
  • For classes 15-16 weeks in length, due dates are as follows:
    Fall semester:
    October 5 and November 5 
    Spring semester:
    March 5 and April 5
    Summer 1 semester:
    July 6 and August 10
    Summer 2 semester:
    August 10 and September 14
  • For classes 10-14 weeks in length, due dates are as follows:
    Fall semester: September 7 and September 28
    Spring semester:
    February 1 and February 22
    Summer 1 semester:
    June 15 and July 6
    Summer 2 semester:
    July 20 and August 10
  • All financial aid and third-party assistance will be applied to the amount due before the multiple payment plan is offered.
  • A nonrefundable fee of $20 will be assessed each semester for use of the plan.
  • A late fee of $25 will be assessed on any payment not made before close of business on the due date.
  • Finance charges of 18 percent annually will be assessed on any account balance remaining after the final payment due date.
  • A student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees including any incidental fees by the due date may be prohibited from registering for classes until full payment is made. A student who fails to make payment before the end of the semester will be denied credit for the work done that semester until full payment is made.
  • In the event of default on the installment plan, CTC has the right to employ a collection agency and/or any other legal means to collect this debt. The student will be required to reimburse CTC the fees of any collection agency which may be based upon a percentage at a maximum of 33% of the debt plus all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees that CTC may incur in such collection efforts.
  • The installment plan is not available to a student who registers during late registration.