Fort Hood Transition Programs

SAP - Winterprise Systems Business Analysis

Courses must be taken in the order listed to ensure prerequisite requirements.

BMGT  1091 Introduction to Enterprise Systems
This course is an introduction to enterprise systems with a particular emphasis on SAP software. This includes the fundamentals of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems concepts and the importance of how they are used within an organization. Students will have an applied curriculum that takes them through the following business processes: financial and cost accounting (FICO), production, sales, material planning, and inventory & warehouse management. Students will learn the front-end end user perspective of each of these areas on the most current SAP system, and become comfortable with creating standard business documents such as general ledger postings, purchase orders, production orders, sales orders, and goods movements’ postings in and out of the warehouse.
ITSC 1091 ERP Configuration
This is an advance level course that will focus on the implementation phase of enterprise (ERP) systems. Emphasis is on based on three key areas of: defining and assigning user organizational levels (company code, plant, storage location, etc..), defining master data requirements (chart of accounts, cost centers, customer master data, vendor master data, material master data), and implementation of business rules for each module of an enterprise system. Students will have a back end look of enterprise system and complete hands on exercises using the SAP IMG implementation tool where they will create the required organizational elements and master data, and then test out the configuration for each business process (FICO, production, sales, MRP, and IWM). Prerequisite: BMGT 1091.
ITSC 1092 Enterprise Systems, Tools, Concepts, and Careers
This seminar course provides an overview discussion of ERP emerging trends and projects. This can include a look at new ERP software tools, reviewing case studies on ERP implementation issues, discussion of “big data” generated by enterprise systems and data analytics tools, and a preview of career opportunities for those with an ERP skillset.
BMGT 1097 ERP Business Process Integration with Simulation
This seminar course emphasizes the integration of enterprise systems within an organization using a sequence of ERP simulation games. Students will compete as corporate teams to make common business decisions such as product lines, sales pricing, advertising, production levels, and distribution markets using one or more ERP simulation games (Distribution game, Manufacturing game, etc..) with the ultimate goal to see who will be the most profitable. The objective of these exercises is to show how a common ERP system is used by managers to carry out business decisions.
This capstone course in ERP systems leads students through the official SAP TERP10 (training in ERP for 10 days) certification course culminating in the SAP professional certification exam. Students will complete a rigorous curriculum that includes the integration of the complete supply chain and business process to include FICO, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, MRP, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Project Systems, and Business Intelligence. The knowledge base will include the integration of organizational levels, master data, business process, and reporting. After completion of this final course and exam students will be awarded an SAP Certification and will be ready for a career as an SAP implementation consultant. Prerequisite: BMGT 1091 and ITSC 1091.