Programs and Requirements

Curriculum plans for various degrees and certificates are on the following pages. Designations stated after each degree title reference the degree plan by major code. For example, Business Management (Associate of Applied Science Degree), BUBM5 (major code). The reference facilitates student academic advising. Course descriptions for all courses offered are listed in alpha-numeric order by course prefix. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor program offerings and follow the published degree plan requirements. Any deviations from major and major-related elective courses must be approved in writing by the department. If you plan to transfer to a senior college or university and are taking courses that lead to an Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching or an Associate of Science degree, refer to the degree requirements for the AA, AAT or AS degrees listed in this catalog.

NOTE Although academic advising is available, it remains the student’s responsibility to determine the major area of study, to verify the required courses and their prerequisites, and to select the senior college or university to which you wish to transfer.