Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS)

Central Texas College has adopted the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS), which is a voluntary, shared effort among 137 Texas community colleges and universities. The TCCNS is a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved course numbering system for lower-division academic courses that assigns common course numbers to facilitate the transfer of lower-division academic courses among Texas institutions of higher education. Students and their advisors can use the common course numbers to determine both course equivalency and degree applicability of transcript credit on a statewide basis. When students transfer between two participating TCCNS institutions, a course taken at the sending institution transfers as the course with the same TCCNS designation at the receiving institution.

All TCCNS courses are identified by a four character course prefix representing the course type or academic discipline, followed by a four digit course number. An explanation of the TCCNS course numbering designations is provided below.

ACCT 2301

  • The four-character alphabetic abbreviation for the academic discipline (rubric).
  • The four-digit numbers are as follows:

    1st digit:

    0 = subfreshman

    1 = freshman

    2 = sophomore

    2nd digit: - credit value of the course, expressed in semester hours

    3rd & 4th digits - used to uniquely identify the course