Janice Allen, Site Director, Lampasas, Service Area

Meaghan Allshouse, Science Associate

Jodi Andrews, Director, Central Records & Registration

Beatrice Aponte-Lloyd, Coordinator, Student Support Center

Debra Austin, Director, Payroll Services

Clifford Bailey, Manager, Mayborn Science Theater

Nelida Baker, Coordinator, Evaluations & Graduation

Dr. Ryan Baker, Director, Paramedicine Program

Joseph Barragan, Director/Police Chief, Security Services

Kimberly Barrett, Academic Advisor

Karen Bentley, Associate Director, Financial Aid 

Lawrence Briggs, Academic Advisor

Wilma Brown-Smith, Coordinator, Disability Support Services

Erica Burton, Web & Digital Media Manager

Douglas Bussell, Coordinator, Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Shannon Byington, Supervisor, Business Office

George Byrd, Coordinator, IT Multimedia, IT Customer Service, Information Technology

Leera Calaunan, Manager, Reprographics

Jinette Campbell, Director, Instructional Program Support Services

Michelle Carridge, Academic Advisor

Diana Castillo, Quality Liaison, Military Program Liaison

Kimberley Christian, Director, Enrollment Communications, Marketing & Outreach

Justin Conover, Lead Student Services Advisor EOC

Honey Cortan, VA Specialist, Fort Hood Records and Business Office

Jennifer Cowfer, Site Director, Marble Falls SAC

Pearl Creviston, Director, Financial Aid

Charese Cruz, Lead Student Services Advisor EOC

Julie Davenport, Director, Systems Engineering, Distance Education and Educational Technology

Sonia Davis, Advisor, Student Services EOC

Karen Dewees, Coordinator, Student Services

Erika Einhaus, Coordinator, Non-traditional Learning, Evaluations & Graduation, Student Services

Gary Emmert, Program Manager, KNCT

Delores Fay, Manager, Employee Benefits

Nadiya Filimonova, Counselor, SEAP/SARC

David Fisher, Evaluator, Gatesville, Service Area

Michelle Flores, General Manager, KNCT-FM

Robert Franks, Site Representative, Fort Hood Records and Business Office, Fort Hood

Karen Freeland, Academic Advisor

Tasha Gandy, Administrative Assistant II, Office of the Dean, Fort Hood

Ashley Garcia, Systems Librarian, Library Services

Victor Gates, Director, Testing Services

Shelly Gonsalves, Director, Human Resource Management

Marcos Gonzalez, Director, Accounting

Ranae Gosnell, Science Associate

Chris Gotcher, Science Associate

Monica Griego, Lead Academic Advisor

Rebecca Gutierrez, Coordinator, ArmyIgnitED, Military Program Liaison

Margaret Handrow, Virtual Librarian, Library Services

Debbie Hansen, Director, Evaluations & Graduation

Debbie Havens, Executive Coordinator to Chancellor/Board of Trustees

Myrna Hawkins, Student Services Advisor EOC

Sharon Herman, Coordinator, Evaluations, Evaluations & Graduation, Student Services

Diane Hernandez, Coordinator, Dual Credit Programs

Cori Hinson, Evaluator/Advisor, Evaluations, Evaluations & Graduation, Student Services 

Tammy Holloway, Director, Business Services

Keisha Holman, Director, Career Services

Anita Horn, Coordinator, Course Scheduler, C&I Records, Systems Registrar

Sharon Hughes, Advisor/Evaluator, Student Services, Fort Hood 

Steven Ivy, Program Manager, MSE/MOS Program, Soldier Development Center, Fort Hood

Kenneth Jordan, Director, Facilities & Construction

Lorraine Juarez, Coordinator, Adult Education

Georgianna Karppi, Coordinator, Degree Audit, Student Services

Jeanette Kendrick, Coordinator, IT Software Implementation, IT Information Systems

Patryce Kennerson, Coordinator, Veteran Services

Joan Kirk, TSI Coordinator/Admissions Advisor

Kristy Kothe, Site Director, Fredericksburg, Service Area  

Roshi Lawrence, Academic Advisor

Stephanie Ledlow-Arndt, Associate Registrar of Technology, Admissions, Records & Registration/Systems Registrar

Tracy Lehmkuhler, Manager, Accounts Receivable

Richard Lewis, Academic Advisor

Timothy Loomis, Academic Advisor, Veterans Services

Jose Lozano, Support Specialist, Accountability & Curriculum, Institutional Effectiveness

Tara Lukehart, Director, SAC Gatesville, Hamilton, Goldthwaite, San Saba

Stephanie Macaraeg, Coordinator, Fort Hood Records & Business Office, Fort Hood

Victoria Magee, Manager, Residence Hall, Student Success & Persistence

Gerald Mahone-Lewis, Director, Student and Employee Assistance Program/Substance Abuse Resource Center

Wendy Martel, Coordinator, Development/Foundation Office

Jennifer Martinez, Evaluator/Advisor, Graduation, Evaluations & Graduation, Student Services

Regina Martinez-Woodruff, Manager, Bookstore

Angela May, Coordinator, Business & Community Development

Linda McCottrell, Director, CATE Center Advising 

Lesley McGough, Coordinator, Instructional Program Support Services

Kristine Miller, Lead Course Scheduler, C&I Records, Systems Registrar

Zeyra Montez, Director, International Student Services

Paulino Moralez, Counselor, Education Transitions

Teresa Morris, Coordinator, Document Imaging, Information Technology

Larry D. Murphy Jr., Director, Risk Management/Title IX Coordinator, COVID Liaison

Atina Myazoe, Advisor, Student Services EOC

Sarah Mylcraine, Coordinator, Community Enrichment Programs, Continuing Education

Terri O’Connor, Support Specialist, IT Infrastructure, Information Technology

Michael Oliver, Assistant Manager, Accounts Receivable

Cynthia Oser, Librarian, Outreach & Reference, Library Services

Valerie Payson, Director, College Development and Foundation

Sherry Pollett, Director, Financial Services

Ron Porter, Coordinator, Disability Support Services

Victoria Putzer, Advisor, Student Services EOC

Jeffrey Pyeatt, Recruiter/Admissions Advisor 

Victoria Repp, Student Services Advisor EOC

Barbara Riffel-Darter, Director, IT Information Systems

Richard Rinehart, Testing Coordinator, Fort Hood

Sonia Rivera, VA Specialist, Fort Hood Records & Business Office, Fort Hood

April Rocha, Science Associate

Gail Roderique, Supervisor, Accounts Payable

Charlie Roseberry, Director, C&I Records/Course Scheduling, Systems Registrar

Regina Rounds, Evaluator/Recruiter, Student Services, Fort Hood

Rudolfo Sandoval, Chief, Legislative & Governmental Affairs

Brandie Sappenfield, Coordinator, Financial Aid

Dr. Christy Shank, Director, Disability Support Services 

Betty Smith, Advisor, Student Services EOC

Matthew Soisson, Manager, Inventory Control

Akeila Stevens, Advisor, Student Services EOC

Sheree Stover, Advisor, Student Services EOC

James Sullivan, Math Resource Coordinator, Central Campus

Mariana Swiney, Coordinator, Outreach & Communication, Student Success & Persistence

Chase Terry, Science Associate

Jacqueline E. Thomas, Coordinator, Equal Employment Opportunity

Mychala Tipton, Coordinator, Course Scheduler, C&I Records, Systems Registrar

Tonia Turner, Coordinator, STEM, Dual Credit Program

Dr. Marie Valentin, Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Mariceli Vargas, Director, Student Life & Activities

Bruce Vasbinder, Coordinator, Public Relations, Marketing & Outreach

Laythia Waddell, Application Information Specialist/Trainer

Ida Walker, Advisor, Student Services EOC

Dexter Ward, Building Coordinator, Student Services, Fort Hood

Gundula Wenzel, Coordinator, Office Technology Career and Technical Education (CATE) Center

Charlotte Wesley, Coordinator, Advising & Success Programs, Student Success & Persistence

Christopher White, Academic Advisor

Amy Williams, Director, Admissions & Recruitment

Chandra Williams, Coordinator, Recruitment Communication, Marketing & Outreach

Michelle Williams, Evaluator/Advisor, Evaluations, Evaluations & Graduation, Student Services

Lacriesha Wills, Coordinator, Transfer Articulations, Evaluations & Graduation, Student Services

Billy Woodson, Director, Instructional Development, Distance Education & Educational Technology

Janecze Wright, Coordinator, Marketing Communications, Marketing & Outreach

David Scott Wyman, Coordinator, Employee Training/Technology

Michele Yamasta, Coordinator, Distance Learning Records & Registration

Kelley Yeonopolus-Holman, Budget Analyst, Budget Management

Joseph Young, Director, Instructional Technology, Distance Education & Educational Technology

Teresa Zinke, Director, Child Development Center