Appeal Decisions

Appeal Approved

When a student is placed on an approved appeal status the student must meet the College’s satisfactory academic progress policy (2.0 semester GPA and a semester completion rate of 67%) during the next semester of enrollment. If the student does not meet the minimum academic standards during that enrollment period, student’s financial aid will be suspended and student will not be eligible to re-appeal. If the student meets semester academic standards, the student will be placed on a Continued Probation status for one additional semester. They must meet the cumulative 2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate at the end of the next semester for continued eligibility. When a student does not meet the above standards, they must complete the requirements of the 2.0 GPA and completion rate of 67%, at their own expense, before their aid can be considered for eligible reinstatement.

Appeal Denied

The student will not be eligible to receive financial aid until he or she meets the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards as provided above. It may take several semesters in order for a student to regain aid eligibility.

Please visit SAP GPA Calculator at or SAP Completion Rate Calculator at to receive an estimate of what may be required to regain eligibility.

Students may continue to enroll however it is the student’s responsibility to pay their own expenses.