Evaluation Outcomes

(Consequences for not maintaining Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress)

Financial Aid Automatic Suspension

If during a semester a student completely withdraws (W), receives grades of all F’s, all N’s, all IP’s or a combination of W’s, F’s, N’s or IP’s, he or she may be placed on automatic suspension without being given a warning. A student placed on an automatic suspension status will not receive financial aid assistance until this status has been cleared. To reestablish eligibility, the student must meet both the cumulative Qualitative and Quantitative standard of completing 67 percent of all attempted hours and maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or above.

Students placed on automatic suspension may continue to enroll at the college. However, they must pay their own expenses to include tuition, fees, room and board, and other college costs.

Financial Aid Warning

A student who does not meet the cumulative Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria will be placed on financial aid warning status for one semester. While on a warning status, the student will continue to receive financial aid for which he or she has qualified. This is a warning to the student that he or she must meet the College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress standards (2.0 cumulative GPA and also maintain a cumulative completion rate of 67%) during the next semester of enrollment.

NOTE Students on Probation under the prior standards will be considered on Warning for purposes of these standards.

Financial Aid Suspension

If the student does not meet the minimum cumulative Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria at the end of his or her warning period, the student will be denied from receiving financial aid until he or she meets the reinstatement requirements or has an approved Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal from the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.

Students placed on financial aid suspension may continue to enroll at the college. However, they must pay their own expenses, to include tuition, fees, room and board, and other college costs.

Reinstatement of Eligibility

Financial aid eligibility will be reinstated after a student meets the Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria listed above, for cumulative completion rate (67 %) and cumulative grade point average (2.0) or has an approved appeal. Financial aid will not be reinstated for violations of Quantitative Standards or Qualitative Standards until the appeal has been approved by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Classes taken at institutions other than Central Texas College do not count towards reinstatement. Students who regain eligibility by completing the required coursework must notify the Financial Aid Office in order to have their progress reevaluated.

Academic Amnesty

The Federal Student Aid program regulations make no provision for the concept of academic amnesty, academic renewal or academic fresh start. Therefore, a school must always include courses (whenever taken) in evaluating a student’s satisfactory academic progress.

Appeal Process

An appeal will only be evaluated for ineligible students returning after a break in attendance prior to beginning classes. For example, when a student is re-admitted, and does not have a granted appeal on file; the appeal must be submitted and either granted or denied prior to the next enrollment period.

Currently enrolled students with a denied appeal must successfully complete the term in order to submit a new appeal. This includes students who submit an appeal after the term has started.

Central Texas College recognizes that students sometimes encounter circumstances beyond their control that can adversely affect their academic progress. Any student subject to suspension of financial aid eligibility may appeal to the Financial Aid Office for a review of the decision. Under the revised Department of Education rules, an appeal cannot be approved if the student is unable to meet the 2.0 GPA and the 67% completion rate within one semester. Also, the student may not appeal for failing to complete their program within the maximum timeframe. It is the responsibility of the student to successfully complete all classes enrolled. Please remember that dropping a class, failing a class, or withdrawing from class is a personal decision made by the student and may negatively affect the maximum timeframe allowance for their program.

All appeal documents must be attached to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form that can be obtained through eForms. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. If an appeal is approved, the committee will impose enrollment restrictions on the student for the best chance of academic success. The enrollment restrictions are that at a minimum the student is required to pass all remaining courses successfully (grade of “C” or higher) and not have any withdrawals for the semester (or the student’s next semester of enrollment) the appeal is approved. Any student that fails to meet this requirement will lose his/her future financial aid eligibility.

Please note: The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review the appeal and the student will be notified by email after the appeal decision has been made. All documents pertinent to the appeals process become part of the student’s financial aid record. If the petition is denied, the student has the right to request that the appeal decision be reconsidered by the Associate Dean, Financial Aid/VA. This appeal must be turned in within 10 days of receiving notification of the decision denying the appeal. The decision of the Associate Dean is final.

NOTE Reasons such as being unprepared for college course work, the course was not what was expected, not liking the instructor and other related excuses are NOT qualifying circumstances for an appeal and will result in an appeal being denied. Students are responsible for monitoring their own progress status. The Financial Aid office makes every attempt to notify students of their status however failure to receive notice does not affect the calculated status and is not reason to appeal. Please ensure that home and email addresses are updated with Admissions and Records Department.