Student Support Services

A textbook lending library and childcare assistance are available based on available funding to qualified students enrolled in a declared technical/vocational program.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides accommodations to eligible students creating opportunities that promote educational access. Appropriate documentation of the disability is required in order to receive class accommodations. Students should contact the DSS office located on the Central Campus in Student Services Building 215, Room 111, or 254-526-1195 for more information. Students are encouraged to visit the DSS website at to learn more about DSS and the process students are required to follow to request classroom accommodations in accordance with state and federal disability laws.

Child Care Assistance Program

This is a federally funded program and the number of students enrolled is based upon the receipt of funds. Students are chosen by the greatest economic need. Students majoring in career, technical, and certificate programs are eligible for child care assistance. Students should:

  • have a career/technical degree plan or a certificate plan,
  • apply and complete the process for financial aid (PELL Grant), and
  • meet income guidelines and grade point average (2.0 or higher).

Lending Library Textbook Program

The program is a federally and/or state funded program. Textbooks are purchased up to the availability of funds. Students majoring in career, technical and certificate programs are eligible for the textbook program. Students are required to meet the income guidelines for the program.