Academic Fresh Start

Texas residents who apply for admission (or readmission) to a Texas public college or university and enroll as an undergraduate student may be able to begin a new course of study with a clear academic record.

Section 51.931 of the Texas Education Code “Right to an Academic Fresh Start” allows a Texas resident who has credits for college courses taken 10 or more years prior to the planned enrollment date to have those credits ignored for enrollment purposes. Academic Fresh Start clears only your academic record. Federal regulations still apply when determining student’s eligibility for financial aid and VA educational benefits. Refer to the College for All Texans website for more information.

To take advantage of this option, applicants must request it prior to their first enrollment at CTC or prior to readmissions if returning after 10 years. Applicants must submit an Application for Fresh Start to the Office of the Dean of Student Services at the time of their admissions or readmissions.

Additional information is available in the “Academic Fresh Start” section of the online Texas Catalog at

Students Age 17 or Younger

All students age 17 or younger must complete and return a “Parental Consent, Waiver, Release and Indemnity for Minor Students” form and the “Important Information for Minor Students and Parents/Legal Guardians”, which are available through the Admissions Office at CTC in Killeen, Texas.

Students age 16 or younger must have a parent or legal guardian at the CTC location, center, or facility at all times to monitor the student’s activities outside of class and to be immediately available in case of an emergency. This includes when student is present either in classes or participating in CTC activities either on or off the classroom location. Failure to do so will cause the student to be removed from each enrolled class. Parents/legal guardians are not allowed to attend student’s classes unless parent/legal guardian is enrolled in the classes.

Early Admissions/Dual Credit, High School Students

Early admissions is available to selected high school students who are in good academic standing. To apply for early admission:

  1. Complete the Dual Credit/Early Admission Application signed by the high school principal/counselor and parent or legal guardian. The application is required each semester and must list the courses approved by the high school principal/counselor and parent/legal guardian for that semester.
  2. Complete a CTC Application for Admission.
  3. Provide an official high school transcript. This applies to all early admission students to include students from private or recognized nonaccredited high schools or who were home schooled.
  4. Provide TSI documentation to determine eligibility to enroll in college credit courses. Refer to the Texas Success Initiative information in the most recent online Texas Catalog or contact Eagles on Call for more information.

NOTE High school students are not permitted to enroll in courses online through Eagle Self-Service.

High School Students from Private/Non-accredited High Schools or Home Schooled

High school students who attended private or recognized nonaccredited high schools or who were home schooled must still meet the same requirements as a student enrolled in a state public secondary high school, as outlined in this catalog.

Texas Success Initiative

Texas residents enrolled in online courses offered through the Central Campus seeking to pay Texas tuition rates and high school students are required to take all sections of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) if not TSI exempted or waived. Refer to the Texas Success Initiative section in the online Texas Catalog for a list of TSI exemptions and waivers. Online remote proctored testing is available. Testing information is located in the Student Services section of this catalog.

TSI Assessment 2.0 Minimum Scores

The new TSIA2 replaced the TSIA effective January 11, 2021. Test scores remain valid for five (5) years from date of testing. The TSIA2 includes a mathematics assessment, an English Language Arts and Reading assessment, and a written essay.

Mathematics Minimum Score - score of at least 950; or a score below 950 and a Diagnostic level of 6.

ELAR (Reading and Writing) Minimum Score - score of at least 945 and an essay score of at least 5; or score below 945 and a Diagnostic level of 5 or 6 and an essay score of at least 5.