Guidelines for Active Duty Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve Students (ArmyIgnitED)

The Army will be transitioning to a new ArmyIgnitED 2.0 system in 2022-2023. It is anticipated by 30 September 2022 a new streamlined tuition assistance process will be available. The current ArmyIgnitED will remain online until ArmyIgnitED 2.0 is deployed. Soldiers and reservists should continue to use the current ArmyIgnitED system until further guidance is received from the Army.

All eligible active duty soldiers, National Guard and Army Reserve students must meet the general admission requirements in the CTC college catalog. The guidelines below are to assist students in starting their educational journey at CTC. Additional information can be found at Procedures are subject to change, and students are encouraged to check ArmyIgnitED for the latest information regarding ArmyIgnitED requirements and procedures.

  1. Access ArmyIgnitED at and create your account.
  2. After applying for admission at CTC, submit your Education Path, via ArmyIgnitED, for approval.
  3. If CTC is your home school and you are a new CTC student, first-time in college, refer to Item 3 under “New CTC Students, First Time in College” in this section of the Catalog regarding submission of your high school transcripts, GED or high school equivalency certificate.
  4. If CTC is your home school and you are a transfer student from another accredited college or university, refer to Item 3 under “Transfer Students” in this section of the catalog regarding submission of transcripts from previous colleges or universities attended.
  5. Students who have not selected CTC as their home school are not required to submit official transcripts unless needed to meet a course prerequisite.
  6. Contact a CTC representative to obtain degree plan advisement and other school-related information (e.g. prerequisite requirements, instructional materials, EagleMail, etc.).
  7. Register for classes at your local CTC office or using Eagle Self-Service and validate your class enrollments, on ArmyIgnitED, for tuition assistance approval.