College Costs


Tuition for classes at Central Texas College locations outside Texas varies with the government contract, agreement, or memorandum of understanding through which the institution operates. Therefore, both tuition and fees may be adjusted, based on government contracts and local conditions, during the period this Catalog is in effect. Costs of classes to students will vary with the level of support being provided by the sponsoring agency at each campus or site.

Obtain information about current tuition, fees and costs of classes from the Education Officer, Navy College Officer, or the Central Texas College representative.

NOTE Students are responsible for any additional amounts owed to CTC resulting from post-enrollment audits and corrections, including all fees and waivers; e.g., registration assessing errors, dropping or adding classes, invalid employment, or third-party waivers. CTC will accept tuition assistance/sponsor agreements in lieu of payments at the time of registration, but students will be responsible for all amounts owed if the sponsoring agency does not remit payment in full.

Other Fees*

In addition to tuition, the following fees are required or applicable. Fees are nonrefundable.

Return Check Fee $30
Diploma Replacement $25
Transcripts* (varies based upon delivery method) $5 - $8
Course Challenge $50

*Subject to change

Tuition and Fees - Noncredit Courses

Tuition and fees for Continental and International locations are determined by contracts and agreements.

*All tuition and fees are subject to change as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Refunds of Tuition and Fees

No tuition or fee refunds will be made except in the case of cancellation or official withdrawal from Central Texas College or from a course. The college is under no obligation to refund tuition and fees, or other costs associated with a student who is administratively withdrawn. Refunds for tuition will be computed from the date the Application for Withdrawal/Refund is actually filed at the designated CTC site office or Records Office (not from the date of last attendance or the adjusted date if “retroactively dropped”). Any refund applicable for dropped courses will first be applied to any outstanding balance remaining on the student’s account before any refund is issued. Special conditions apply to financial aid and VA students. Students must submit a completed Application for Refund to the Business Office for a refund to be issued.

The tuition refund policy of Central Texas College for students using Title IV or DoD funds meets the requirements of federal agencies.

Although the following refund schedule is provided, actual refunds for tuition and fees are based upon the contract, agreement, or memorandum of understanding at the location for which the College operates. Some students in certain states such as Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia may be refunded in accordance with each individual state’s refund policy if the enrollment is not based upon an existing federal contract or agreement. Under Virginia state legislation, students are entitled to refund consideration regardless of the reason for withdrawal. Obtain information about the refund policy from the Education Officer, Navy College Officer, or Central Texas College representative.

  • 100% Refund if withdrawal is before the first day of the term or semester.
  • 75% Refund if not more than 18.75% of the term or semester has elapsed.
  • 25% Refund if not more than 25% of the term or semester has elapsed.
  • 5% Refund if not more than 60% of the term or semester has elapsed.
  • 0% Refund if more than 60% of the term or semester has elapsed.

Central Texas College District Refund Schedule

Length of Class Term in Weeks Last Day for 100 Percent Refund Last Day for 75 Percent Refund Last Day for 25 Percent Refund Last Day for 5 Percent Refund 60% Completion Thereafter
16 or longer prior to start 15 20 48 0
15 prior to start 14 19 45 0
14 prior to start 13 17 42 0
13 prior to start 13 16 39 0
12 prior to start 12 15 36 0
11 prior to start 10 14 33 0
10 prior to start 9 12 30 0
9 prior to start 9 11 27 0
8 prior to start 8 10 24 0
7 prior to start 7 9 21 0
6 prior to start 5 7 18 0
5 prior to start 5 6 15 0
4 prior to start 4 5 12 0
3 prior to start 3 4 9 0
2 prior to start 2 n/a 6 0
1 prior to start 1 n/a 3 0

Refund schedule is calculated based on the first calendar day of the term (not necessarily the first day of an individual class) and includes all weekdays, Monday through Friday, which are not designated official Central Texas College holidays.

  • Central Texas College will allow hours to be dropped and re-added without penalty to the student if the following conditions are met:

    - The transaction must be completed prior to the census date of the dropped hours.

    - The start date of the added hours must be prior to the census date of the dropped hours.

    - The exchange must be an equal one.

    - The exchange must occur simultaneously as a single transaction.

    When the charges for hours are dropped without concurrently added hours, they will be refunded in accordance with the refund policy outlined previously. Charges for hours added at a later time will be applied based on the current approved tuition and fee schedule and will not offset charges from prior drops.

  • Tuition and fees paid directly to the Institution by the Veterans Administration, Title IV (Financial Aid Programs), a sponsor, donor, or scholarship shall be refunded to the source rather than directly to the student.
  • Emergency withdrawal will be considered to be filed as of the date of the emergency. Students must submit written proof of emergency such as military emergency leave orders or medical certification of family emergency. Refunds under emergency conditions will follow the tuition refund schedule listed above.
  • Special consideration is available when the student withdraws from all classes under the following conditions:

    - Any student suffering a catastrophic illness or accident or death in the immediate family after classes have started.

    - Active duty military students who receive PCS or deployment orders and dependent family members of active duty military who receive PCS orders after the start of classes which require the service member to depart before the class is completed.

    A student must present a copy of deployment orders, medical certification, death certificate, or published obituary along with the refund request to be eligible for special consideration. Withdrawals due to pre-existing conditions do not qualify for an exception to the refund policy. Refunds under these conditions will follow the tuition refund schedule listed below.

    - If withdrawing before ¼ of the term has elapsed (before the last day for 25 percent refund), 100 percent refund.

    - If withdrawing after ¼ of the term has elapsed and prior to the midpoint of the course, 50 percent refund.

    - After the midpoint of the course, no additional refund will be given. The standard refund policy will apply.

    - Exceptions to the refund policy under the above special conditions must be requested within 4 months of the course/semester/term end date.

Please note that NTC rotations, TDY and field exercises are NOT considered deployments under this policy.


Prices are based on the publisher’s price and may vary from term to term. Prices are available from the Central Texas College Bookstore website at Please visit our website for complete information regarding returns and exchanges. Refer to for related textbook information.

Determining Residence Status

Students enrolled in courses at CTC locations outside Texas pay the tuition and fee rates based upon the applicable military contract or memorandum of understanding. Bona fide Texas residents enrolled in distance learning courses through the Central Campus in Killeen may be eligible for in-state tuition rates. Certain conditions apply, and substantiating documents to affirm residence are required. Refer to the Texas catalog, which is available online at the CTC website