Tuition for classes at Central Texas College locations outside Texas varies with the government contract, agreement, or memorandum of understanding through which the institution operates. Therefore, both tuition and fees may be adjusted, based on government contracts and local conditions, during the period this Catalog is in effect. Costs of classes to students will vary with the level of support being provided by the sponsoring agency at each campus or site.

Obtain information about current tuition, fees and costs of classes from the Education Officer, Navy College Officer, or the Central Texas College representative.

NOTE Students are responsible for any additional amounts owed to CTC resulting from post-enrollment audits and corrections, including all fees and waivers; e.g., registration assessing errors, dropping or adding classes, invalid employment, or third-party waivers. CTC will accept tuition assistance/sponsor agreements in lieu of payments at the time of registration, but students will be responsible for all amounts owed if the sponsoring agency does not remit payment in full.