Field of Study

A Field of Study (FOS) is a group of lower-division courses that are guaranteed by state law to transfer and apply to a degree program. If a student takes all courses in the FOS and then transfers to another Texas public institution of higher education, the FOS is guaranteed to transfer as a block and be applied to the appropriate major. If a student transfers without completing the FOS, then each completed FOS course is guaranteed to transfer and apply to the degree program, although the institution may require additional lower-division courses. FOS courses are guaranteed to transfer and apply to degree programs at all Texas public institutions of higher education. This means that courses will transfer and apply from a two-year to a four-year institution, from a two-year to a two-year institution, from a four-year to a two-year institution, and from a four-year to a four-year institution. The same course can count toward the core curriculum and an FOS. A FOS can also include courses outside the main field of the major.

Central Texas College has implemented several complete FOS curricular (FOSC) and programs that include partial FOSCs. All FOS curricular are Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board-approved. Programs of Study that include the complete Board-approved FOSC are identified in their degree program title.