Brian Cambra, Child Development Program Manager, Vicenza, Italy

Melanie Clark, Assistant Director, Payroll/Personnel Department, Kindsbach, Germany

David Cole, Director, Military Training Program, Vilseck, Germany

Scott Cornwell, Manager, Information Technology Department, Kindsbach, Germany

Teresa Cramer, Criminal Justice Program Manager/Evaluator, Vicenza, Italy

Ruth Cuevas, Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator, Kindsbach, Germany

Jessee Dean, Director, Support Services, Kindsbach, Germany

Bret Duncan, Assistant Director, VoTech Operations, Rota, Spain

Beata Evans, Accounts Payable Specialist, Kindsbach, Germany

Kenneth Forman, Automotive Technology Department Manager, Germany

Dr. Felipe Gonzales, Emergency Medical Technician Program Manager, Kindsbach, Germany

Keith Gordon, Web Master, Kindsbach, Germany

Lauren Harrison, Administrative HUB Coordinator, Kindsbach, Germany

Scott Helgelien, Lead Instructor, AVM/MSD Course, Vilseck, Germany

Meg Kulla, Data Analyst, Kindsbach, Germany

James Lurati, Assistant Director, Student Services, Kindsbach, Germany

Wendy Nemyer, Director, Academic Programs, Kindsbach, Germany

Vasiliki Paparousopoulou, Marketing Manager/Registrar, Kindsbach, Germany

Jim Robertson, IMCOM-ACES Liaison Officer, Sembach, Germany

Dr. Ancica Roosa, Director, Europe Operations and Student Services, Kindsbach, Germany

Sandra Spatera, Gateway Language Program Manager, Naples, Italy

Patrick Taylor, Business Office Supervisor and Accounts Receivable, Kindsbach, Germany

Rick Taylor, Assistant Director, Business Office, Kindsbach, Germany

Cecil Tonguet, Assistant Director, Administration and Employee Advocate, Kindsbach, Germany

David Van Lannen, Lead Instructor, SAM-31 Training Program, Vilseck, Germany

Raymond Wilson, Logistical Support Coordinator, Kindsbach, Germany


Dr. Brian K. Cambra (2009)

Child Development Program

B.S., San Diego State University

M.S., Amberton University

Ed.D., Liberty University

Teresa M. Cramer (1991)

Protective Services - Criminal Justice

A.A., Portland Community College

B.A., Southern Oregon State College

M.A., Antioch University

Bret Duncan (2006)

Protective Services - Criminal Justice

A.A., Broward Community College

B.S., University of Maryland University College

M.H.R., University of Oklahoma

Kenneth E. Forman (2016)

Industrial Technology - Automotive

A.A., University of Maryland University College

Dr. Felipe D. Gonzalez, Department Manager (2003)

Emergency Medical Technology

B.A., Claremont Men’s College

M.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Eric P. Klage (2017)

Emergency Medical Technology

A.A., Central Texas College

B.S., University of Nebraska

M.S., University of Nebraska