SYSTEMS - Central Campus Support Personnel

Distance Education and Educational Technology (DEETS) Systems Personnel

Julie Davenport, Director, Systems Engineering

Sharon Davis, Dean, Educational Technology

Billy Woodson, Director, Instructional Development

Joseph Young, Director, Instructional Technology

Quality Liaison/GoArmyEd Systems Personnel

Diana Castillo, Quality Liaison

Rebecca Gutierrez, Coordinator, ArmyIgnitED

Student Services Support Personnel - Systems

Nelida Baker, Coordinator, Graduation

Wilma Brown-Smith, Disability Coordinator

Justin Conover, Lead Student Services Advisor, EOC

Pearl Creviston, Director, Offices of Student Financial Assistance

Charese Cruz, Lead Student Services Advisor, EOC

Sonia Davis, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Karen Dewees, Coordinator of Student Services

Erika Einhaus, Coordinator, Nontraditional Learning

Victor Gates, Director of Testing Services

Debbie Hansen, Director of Evaluations and Graduation

Myrna Hawkins, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Sharon Herman, Coordinator, Evaluations, Student Services

Cori Hinson, Evaluator/Advisor

Keisha Holman, Director, Career Center

Eva Hutchens, Associate Dean, Enrollment Services

Jennifer Martinez, Graduation Evaluator/Advisor

Atina Myazoe, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Stephen O’Donovan, Associate Dean, Admissions, Registration and Records

Ron Porter, Disability Coordinator

Victoria Putzer, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Lorene H. Roseberry, Director, Continental and International Campuses Records

Dr. Christy Shank, Director, Disability Support Services

Annabelle L. Smith, Associate Dean, Student Financial Aid and Veteran Services

Betty Smith, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Julie Starkey, Dean of Student Success

Akeila Stevens, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Sheree Stover, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Michelle Thompson, Evaluator/Advisor

Ida Walker, Student Services Advisor, EOC

Dr. Johnelle L. Welsh, Dean, Student Services

Amy Williams, Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Michelle Williams, Evaluator/Advisor

Lacriesha Wills, Coordinator, Transfer Articulations

Michele Yamasta, Coordinator, DL Admissions and Registration

Student Financial Services - Systems

Tracy Lehmkuhler, Manager, Accounts Receivable

Pattie Lofton, Assistant Manager, Accounts Receivable

Michael Oliver, Business Office Supervisor

Sherry Pollett, Bursar