Enrollment/Student Status

Break in Enrollment

When a student has a break in enrollment and is readmitted, the SAP status for prior terms will apply. For example, if a student is placed on financial aid suspension at the end of the spring term, does not return in the fall term, and is readmitted the next spring term, the student will continue in a financial aid suspension status for that term, including a previously denied appeal.

Drops and Withdrawals

Students who receive Title IV (PELL/FSEOG/Loans) financial aid and drop, withdraw, or are administratively withdrawn from courses during the financial aid year may be required to repay financial aid received and may be placed on financial aid warning status, suspension or automatic suspension. Repayment is based upon the student’s last date of attendance. Detailed information is provided in the Return/Repayment of Title IV Funds section of the CTC Financial Aid webpage.

Grade Changes

If a grade is changed, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office immediately. The Financial Aid Office can then initiate a review of the effect of the grade change on the student’s academic progress within 30 days of notification.

Repeated Courses

Students who have successfully completed a course and attempt to take the course a second time will be covered by financial aid. However, if they attempt the course a third time, financial aid will no longer pay for that course. Repeat courses still count toward your attempted GPA for financial aid purposes.

Transfer Courses

Transfer students entering CTC must be enrolled in a program of study that leads to an associate degree, certificate, or is transferable towards a bachelor’s degree. Transcripts will be required to determine Title IV eligibility and are considered in determining eligibility under the qualitative measure as well as in the quantitative and maximum time frame measurements. Unofficial is acceptable for the Office of Financial Assistance.

Financial Aid will not pay for:

  • Courses taken by audit
  • Successfully completed courses that have been attempted more than two times
  • Courses exceeding the 18 maximum credits for developmental coursework
  • Credit hours earned by placement tests
  • Continuing education courses
  • Courses for which you register after the official census date of the term
  • Credit hours in excess of the 150% maximum program limit
  • Courses taken without having a declared eligible program (enrolled as transient student)
  • Courses that are not required on your degree plan.
  • Courses that extend beyond the official standard semester.

NOTE The financial aid SAP standards are not the same as Central Texas College’s general academic requirements. Students should contact an academic counselor to determine those separate requirements for maintaining their academic enrollment.