Financial Aid Programs

The Financial Aid Office coordinates and administers the financial aid programs for the College. The Financial Aid Office provides financial assistance to students who have a financial need and who would otherwise be unable to attend Central Texas College. The student and student’s family are primarily responsible for the cost of higher education. However, scholarships, grants, loans, work opportunities, and other financial benefits are available to students who qualify for these programs.

Most financial aid is awarded on the basis of need. Financial aid programs require annual applications. The Financial Aid Office will make every effort to assist the student in meeting his or her need using all resources available. Each student has certain rights and responsibilities in the financial aid process. Therefore, it is important to read all information carefully to ensure compliance with regulations governing receipt and maintenance of financial aid funds. Failure to comply with regulations may result in loss of funding and/or eligibility.

All applicants for financial aid are required to:

  • Apply for admission to the College.
  • Be degree or certificate candidates.
  • Complete and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the United States Department of Education each year. Central Texas College must be selected as an institution in order for the financial aid office to receive the student’s FAFSA application. Central Texas College’s school code is 004003. Students are urged to apply early for optimum financial aid benefits.
  • Complete verification is required if the student is selected by the Department of Education for verification.

Your Financial Aid file must be completed and an award accepted by:

Fall June 1
Spring October 1
Summer April 1

Applications will be accepted and processed after these dates, but you will experience delays in receiving eligible funds for registration and books. All applications will be processed in order of receipt in the Financial Aid Office. Scholarship deadlines differ. Visit the Financial Aid Office for more information or our website at