Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

In recognition of the problems associated with alcohol and other drug abuse, Central Texas College has developed a college-wide drug policy. The policy addresses not only disciplinary sanctions associated with substance and alcohol abuse but also education, prevention, intervention and treatment activities necessary to help eliminate problems that substance and alcohol abuse pose to the college community.

Possession, use, sale, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or having alcoholic beverage containers in any Central Texas College owned facility or at any CTC-sponsored event is prohibited except when specifically designated by the Board of Trustees of Central Texas College. The use, sale or possession of illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia is illegal and is strictly prohibited on campuses.

Central Texas College will provide educational support programs which will assist in activities to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse. Information regarding drug and alcohol abuse at Central Texas College locations outside of Texas will be provided at individual campus sites.

To ensure compliance with applicable institutional, state and federal guidelines relating to the illegal use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol, Central Texas College annually distributes an information flyer to all employees and students which addresses standards of conduct, counseling options, legal sanctions, disciplinary actions and health risks.

Those individuals seeking further information should contact the Substance Abuse Resource Center or the Central Texas College site representative.